Video Documentaries

The Great Fire Of  Mullingar  July  1747

In July 1747   a dramatic event happened in Mullingar that devastated the town of Mullingar. A Dramatic event that would shape the future of our beautiful town .
Watch Historian Ruth ILLingworth take us on a tour of that dramatic day,

History Of Ballinalack  Co Westmeath

Ballinalack Co Westmeath are representing Westmeath in The Pride Of Place Awards .The residents of Ballinalack are very proud of their village and are busy making preparations for the Judge’s who will be visiting on August 23rd .The community are very much aware of the rich heritage and Culture of Ballinalack and so we brought our Cameras down to record a video with historian Ruth Illingworth. Best of luck Ballinalack Tidy Town.

Remembering Mullingar Casualties of World War 1

The 11th November 2018 marked 100 years since the ending of World War 1, Armistice Day
In our video Historian Ruth ILLingworth gives an extraordinary narration about life during WWI in Mullingar and the enormous contribution the people of Mullingar and Westmeath gave to the war effort and the Mullingar and Westmeath lives that were lost on the Battlefields of Europe.
She gives an extraordinary talk about why we should commemorate the people who died in World War 1. You’ll not be disappointed


See our exclusive video of group of international people reinacting the Strokestown Famine Walk of 1847. In 1847 1, 490 people walked from Strokestown after been forced off their land and forced to emigrate.
The powerful oration and acting by Caroilin Callery from Strokestown House brings the suffering of the Famine to life. Caroilin is acting out the part of members of the Tighe Family. She is a brilliant actress.
The Strokestown Famine walkers in 1847 stopped in Mullingar on their way to Dublin.
Mullingar was a major urban town in 1847 and is recognised as such as there is 4 markers along the canal in Mullingar to comemorate the walk.
The National Famine Way is a fully accredited national walk way and is digitally and physical walk way markings consisting of a 167km walking trail that connects the National Famine Museum in Strokestown Park, Co. Roscommon, with Rowan Gillespie’s Famine memorial on Custom House Quay in Dublin along the banks of the Royal Canal.
It allows walkers to follow in the footsteps of the 1,490 tenants who were forced to emigrate from Strokestown to Canada on some of the worst of the coffin ships during the summer of 1847. The Royal Canal amenity group hosted the Strokestown walkers for the 2 day visit to Mullingar hosting refreshments after their walk.
The uilleann pipes music at the beginning of the video was recorded live at Pipers Boreen played by James Keane.
Log on to to see the app to read the stories along the walk.


An amazing video narrated and presented by Historian Ruth ILLingworth chronicling Town Life in Mullingar during The Emergency, World War Two 1939 – 1945. With the video almost 60 minutes long ,its tine to make yourself a cup of tea and sit back and be entralled by this wounderous video .The facts are just amazing.