Audio Tours

Here are selection of audio Tours recorded by Mullingar News and Views , live on the streets of Mullingar ,The Tours are narrated by Historian Ruth Illingworth .

    1:   7000  years  of mullingar .

Go on a magical mystery Historical Tour with Ruth Illingworth Mullingar’s local historican .And discover 7000 years of history of mullingar . this is a great way to find the most interesting facts about mullingar.this great piece was recorded in 2005 live on the streets of mullingar and was also aired on midlands gold westmeath now radio 3.

2: History Ghost Tour of Mullingar

Listen to a guided tour conducted by Historian Ruth ILLingworth .The Halloween Tour was recorded live on the streets of Mullingar on Monday October 30th 2017 by Mullingar News and Views .The tour focuses on Ghosts that are still believed to be haunting certain parts of Mullingar and surrounding areas.

3: James Joyce and the Mullingar Connection

A walk around Mullingar Co Westmeath Ireland, with Ruth Illinghworth Giving An indept talk About James Joyce and His Literary Connection To Mullingar.Ruth Illinghworth Is a Local Historian .In this tour you will hear a live on the street talk about james joyce and where he got his inspiration from . where else but mullingar . this is surely an amazing piece of recording. and everything is factual. it blows out of the water that james joyce got his inspiration from dublin ,instead as you will listen ,it says mullingar.